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B 76
Porrentruy, gare
B 76 7600
  Station Arrival Departure Train Occupancy
Startpoint Charmoille, douane   05:21 B 76 7600
Intermediate stop Charmoille, village 05:22 05:22  
Intermediate stop Charmoille, place de l'école 05:22 05:22  
Intermediate stop Charmoille, anc. poste 05:23 05:23  
Intermediate stop Charmoille, Près de l'Epine 05:24 05:24  
Intermediate stop Fregiécourt, place La Baroche 05:25 05:25  
Intermediate stop Pleujouse, bas du village 05:27 05:27  
Intermediate stop Asuel, école 05:29 05:29  
Intermediate stop Asuel, Maison communale 05:30 05:30  
Intermediate stop Asuel, La Malcôte 05:32 05:32  
Intermediate stop Cornol, haut du village 05:34 05:34  
Intermediate stop Cornol, église 05:35 05:35  
Intermediate stop Cornol, bas du village 05:37 05:37  
Intermediate stop Courgenay, haut du village 05:39 05:39  
Intermediate stop Courgenay, zone industrielle 05:40 05:40  
Intermediate stop Courgenay, Petite Gilberte 05:42 05:46  
Intermediate stop Courgenay, Pierre Percée 05:47 05:47  
Intermediate stop Courgenay, Noires Terres 05:48 05:48  
Intermediate stop Porrentruy, Patinoire 05:50 05:50  
Intermediate stop Porrentruy, Vauches/Perche 05:51 05:51  
Intermediate stop Porrentruy, Rte de Courgenay 05:52 05:52  
Endpoint Porrentruy, gare 05:55    

Days of operation:

        5    10   15   20   25   30
Dec     ¦    ¦    ¦xxxxx  xx¦ x  xx
Jan   x ¦xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx
Feb   xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦ 
Mar  xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx    ¦    ¦ 
May     ¦    ¦xxxxx  xxx x  xxxxx¦ 
Jun  xxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx  xx 
Jul xxx ¦xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx
Aug   xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦x
Sep xxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx  xxx 
Oct xx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx 
Nov  xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx  xxxxx  x 
Dec xxxx¦ xxxxx   ¦    ¦    ¦    ¦


Masks mandatory for travellers aged 12 and over
Rail Service 0848 44 66 88, for timetable and ticket information, CHF 0.08/min. (daily 24 hours)
Before travelling: Purchase and/or validate tickets. When you see the symbol on a train, you must bear in mind that tickets are not sold on board. Please buy and/or validate your ticket before boarding. If you do not have a valid ticket, you will have to pay a fine. Your personal details will be recorded. The fine is increased for a repeat offence.