Here follows content, which may not meet all requirements for being barrier-free.

Olsztyn Glówny
IC 75102
  Station Arrival Departure Train Occupancy
Startpoint Poznan Glówny   17:49 IC 75102
Intermediate stop Gniezno 18:18 18:19  
Intermediate stop Mogilno 18:36 18:37  
Intermediate stop Inowroclaw 18:53 18:54  
Intermediate stop Torun Glówny 19:19 19:27  
Intermediate stop Torun Miasto 19:30 19:31  
Intermediate stop Torun Wschodni 19:35 19:36  
Intermediate stop Kowalewo Pomorskie 19:54 19:55  
Intermediate stop Wabrzezno 20:03 20:04  
Intermediate stop Jablonowo Pomorskie 20:17 20:18  
Intermediate stop Ilawa Glówna 20:40 20:41  
Intermediate stop Ostróda 20:59 21:00  
Intermediate stop Olsztyn Zachodni 21:24 21:25  
Endpoint Olsztyn Glówny 21:28    

Days of operation:

runs 30. Aug until 7. Nov 2020 daily


Mouth and nose coverage mandatory
Reservation compulsory
Family zone without play area
Rail Service 0848 44 66 88, for timetable and ticket information, CHF 0.08/min. (daily 24 hours)
Before travelling: Purchase and/or validate tickets. When you see the symbol on a train, you must bear in mind that tickets are not sold on board. Please buy and/or validate your ticket before boarding. If you do not have a valid ticket, you will have to pay a fine. Your personal details will be recorded. The fine is increased for a repeat offence.